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Introducing Hubei Polytechnic University

Hubei Polytechnic University (HBPU), founded in 1975, is a local educational institution with a strong focus on practical skills.

It is located in the scenic city of Huangshi, known for its rich industrial history. It is celebrated for its stunning 1.46 million square meter campus nestled by Qinglong Mountain and Cihu Lake.

Strategic Location & Connectivity

Situated just 50 kilometers from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, HBPU benefits from excellent connectivity through high-speed railways and well-developed superhighways.

The campus, spanning 145 hectares, offers a captivating sight with its tranquil lakes and verdant surroundings. An extensive construction area of more than 545,000 square meters provides an ideal setting for academic and research pursuits.

Exceptional Research and Learning Environment

Hubei Polytechnic University (HBPU) provides a comprehensive range of resources, including 50 cutting-edge laboratories with an investment of RMB 138 million, ensuring top-tier research facilities.

Additionally, the university offers extensive library resources, featuring over 1 million volumes and 18 e-book databases, totaling 2 million e-books, to facilitate knowledge acquisition.

What makes HBPU Unique?

HBPU is unique in its focus on application-oriented talents. The university's programs are designed to prepare students for the specific skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their chosen careers.

HBPU also has a strong relationship with industry and government, allowing students to gain practical experience and make connections with potential employers.

Nurturing Academic Excellence

Academic Diversity

HBPU takes pride in its diverse academic approach, emphasizing Medicine and Engineering. The university houses various faculties, spanning engineering, natural sciences, economics, management, medicine, literature, education, and the arts.

Distinguished Faculty

HBPU, our faculty is truly exceptional, comprising 969 members with a diverse range of expertise. This includes 100 accomplished professors, 323 associate professors, and a significant number of individuals holding master's and Ph.D. degrees.

Scholarly Achievements

HBPU faculty's noteworthy achievements are a testament to their dedication and expertise.

This includes recognition of two scholars under the "100 Talents Project for Innovation," acknowledgment of six as "Distinguished Young Scholars," and five recipients of the "New Century Outstanding Talents Project" by the Hubei Provincial Government.

Honoring Excellence

HBPU proudly hosts 12 individuals recognized with "Special Allowances" by the China State Council and Hubei Provincial Government. The university has 12 distinguished "Dongchu Scholars" acknowledged by the Huangshi Municipal Government.

Furthermore, we have also received seven "Chutian Scholar Project" awards, with five of our scholars earning the distinction of "Outstanding Scholars."

Global Academic Engagement

HBPU fosters academic excellence by collaborating with accomplished academicians from both national and international universities. Over 30 distinguished scholars from prestigious Chinese institutions also contribute as guest professors, enhancing the learning experience.

Industry and Government Partnerships

HBPU actively partners with prominent Chinese corporations, creating programs seamlessly blending academic knowledge with real-world experience. For instance, engineering students have access to internships with major industry players, including Huawei and Tencent.

Affiliated Hospitals

HBPU features four affiliated hospitals: the affiliated Huangshi Central Hospital, the affiliated Huangshi Aikang Hospital, the affiliated Huangshi Maternal and Child Health Hospital and the affiliated Daye City People's Hospital a third-level hospital.

Additionally, the university also collaborates with four teaching hospitals, seven practice hospitals, six community health practice bases, two standardized training bases for national residents, and two standardized training bases for residents in Hubei Province.

Facilities for International Students at HBPU

Separate Hostel for Convenience

HBPU ensures the comfort and convenience of international students by providing separate hostels for both boys and girls.

Well-Appointed Hostel Facilities

The university offers modern, fully equipped, air-conditioned hostel rooms for international students, with essential amenities, including comfortable beds, televisions, study tables, high-speed internet access, air conditioning, heaters, a public kitchen, and washroom facilities.

Hostel Security

Safety is a top priority at HBPU. The hostels are meticulously secured by professional security agencies and police booths located on university campus.

Halal Food Options

HBPU provides Halal dining options for international students, with Muslim-friendly restaurants near the main gate.

A dedicated Muslim canteen is also available on campus, offering Halal meals, alongside a cost-effective canteen for international students serving breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks.

Modern Classroom and Laboratory Facilities

HBPU offers cutting-edge educational facilities, like the Computer Center, Audio-visual Educational Information Center, Network Teaching Laboratories, and Multimedia Classrooms.

Dedicated Faculty

Highly qualified teachers, particularly for the MBBS program, provide engaging and interactive learning to foster deep understanding and practical skills. The faculty is dedicated to individual student growth.

Sports and Recreation

For students seeking physical activities and recreation, HBPU provides a well-established Sports Ground that accommodates both indoor and outdoor sports activities on both the New and Old Campuses.

Additionally, a new stadium has been constructed to cater to the sporting needs of all Hubei Polytechnic University students.

Academic Prowess and Diversity 

HBPU boasts 21 schools and 56 undergraduate programs spanning eight disciplines, including engineering, science, economics, management, medicine, literature, education, and arts.

Its academic arsenal comprises 10 research institutions and 44 cutting-edge laboratories. The university's library houses an impressive collection of over 1.131 million books.

Excellence and Recognition

HBPU excels in preparing students for successful careers and consistently ranks among Hubei Province's top universities for undergraduate teaching quality. It is titled "National Exemplary University of Innovation and Entrepreneurship."

Industry and Government Collaboration

HBPU's industry and government connections are key to its success. It partners with top Chinese firms, providing programs that combine theory and practice, and it promotes entrepreneurship.

English-Taught Programs

HBPU offers a wide range of English-taught programs, making it a sought-after destination for international students. These programs enhance students' language proficiency, supporting their academic and future career success.

Facts and Figures: Key Institutional Data at HBPU

Explore the comprehensive Institutional Data at HBPU to get insights into the university's key figures and academic prowess.

Discover the wealth of disciplines, degree programs, and research initiatives that shape HBPU's academic landscape.

Ø  Four provincial key disciplines: Environmental Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Arts Theory, and Pharmacy.

Ø  Offering 50 bachelor's degree programs, including a state-level program in Environmental Engineering.

Ø  Providing 7 provincial excellent courses and 3 provincial shared excellent course resources.

Ø  Hosting 2 excellent provincial open video courses.

Ø  Operating 5 provincial experimental exemplary bases and 3 provincial internship bases.

Ø  Housing a provincial virtual simulation experiment center and a provincial collaborative innovation center.

Ø  Managing 2 provincial key laboratories and 2 provincial humanities and social science research bases.

Ø  Running 2 provincial engineering laboratories and 2 provincial productivity promotion centers.

Ø  Supporting 5 provincial excellent scientific and technological innovation teams.

Ø  Operating a provincial technology promotion center for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ø  Running a provincial training center for environmental monitoring talents and a provincial training center for intellectual property.

Ø  Serving as a national off-campus internship base for university students.

Ø  Establishing a provincial university student innovation base and a training center for service outsourcing talents.

Ø  Accommodating 17 research institutes and partnering with 18 R&D centers jointly established with enterprises.

Ø  Completing over 20 national scientific research projects and 150 projects sponsored by entities such as the Hubei Provincial Government, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Science and Technology.

Ø  Engaging in more than 200 collaboration programs with industries and local governments, supported by a fund of RMB 20 million, exemplifying the university's commitment to service and development.

How to Apply to Hubei Polytechnic University

Please provide the following scanned documents to initiate the admission process at Hubei Polytechnic University. Alternatively, you can apply online for convenience.

-          Completed Application Form for Hubei Polytechnic University

-          SSC Mark Sheet (Grade 10)

-          HSSC Certificate (Grade 12)

-          Scan of the first page of your passport

-          Medical check-up report on the Chinese physical form

-          Police clearance certificate

-          One digital photo with a white background

-          Bank or financial statement

-          Applicant Assessment form

-         Signed Fee Package by the applicant


In conclusion, Hubei Polytechnic University (HBPU) stands as an institution dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering innovation. With a strong focus on practical skills, well-equipped facilities, exceptional faculty, and international engagement, HBPU offers students a unique academic experience.

The university's industry-government collaborations and emphasis on entrepreneurship contribute to its excellence in preparing students for successful careers. With a wide array of disciplines and resources, HBPU is a hub for academic achievement and innovation.

Students can conveniently submit the required documents online or through traditional methods to apply. Join HBPU's dynamic academic community and embark on a journey of knowledge and opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Hubei Polytechnic University recognized by PMC?

   - Yes, Hubei Polytechnic University is Pakistan Medical Commission PMC-approved, allowing Pakistani students to sit for the PMC's NLE exam after completing their MBBS.

2. Does Hubei Polytechnic University offer scholarships to international students?

   - Yes, the university offers performance-based MBBS scholarships.

3. How many affiliated hospitals does Hubei Polytechnic University have?

   - Four affiliated hospitals, four teaching hospitals, seven practice hospitals, and various training bases.

4. What are the admission criteria for Hubei Polytechnic University?

   - A minimum of 60% marks in Fsc/HSSC/Grade 12, English proficiency, and good health, with an age limit of 16 to 23 years.

5. Is Hubei Polytechnic University a good choice for Pakistani students?

   - It's a cost-effective and popular option for Pakistani students pursuing MBBS.

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