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Chifeng University: A Place of Learning and Culture

Chifeng University, situated in the culturally significant city of Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, is a noteworthy public undergraduate institution in China. Established in 2003 through mergers, it has a rich history spanning 60 years and covers an expansive 780 mu. 

Chifeng University boasts an impressive array of academic offerings. Its 25 colleges provide a wide range of programs across ten specialties, reflecting the institution's commitment to offering diverse educational opportunities. 

Chifeng University's commitment to education extends to more than just domestic students. The institution also hosts a thriving international student community, with over 11,000 full-time students, including international scholars. 

This international presence is a testament to the university's global outlook and its focus on fostering cross-cultural collaboration.

A Brief History and Overview:

Founded in 2003 as a result of a merger, Chifeng University has its roots in the prestigious Chifeng Normal College of Nationalities, which boasts a 40-year history and a stellar reputation. The merger also included institutions like Chifeng Institute of Education, Radio and Television College of Inner Mongolia, Chifeng Health Care College, and Chifeng Primary Education College.

In 2008, Chifeng Art Tourism College became part of the university as well. This institution is deeply connected to the birthplace of the world-famous Hong Shan Culture and carries a legacy of six decades.

The university is expansive, occupying 780 mu, with plans for even more growth in the future. It comprises 25 colleges offering 51 programs in 10 specialties. Notably, nine majors are recognized as brand majors at the autonomous region level, and 18 courses are designated as high-quality courses at the same level. 

With 44 research organizations, three teaching teams at the autonomous region level, three key laboratories, and two engineering innovation start-up groups, Chifeng University is at the forefront of education and research.

Notable Achievements:

In recent years, Chifeng University has made significant strides in the field of education. In 2011, it achieved the qualification to confer master's degrees in the heritage and museum professional field, marking a historic milestone. 

Subsequently, in 2015, the university enrolled its first batch of students in the construction environment and energy application major. It was also recognized as one of the "100 universities of practical construction application development project of the combination of production and teaching" in 2016. 

Continuing its trajectory of growth, it gained approval to offer master's degrees in the field of education in 2017.

International Collaboration:

Chifeng University places a strong emphasis on international partnerships and global cooperation. The university has established connections with nearly 40 overseas institutions, including Hunan University of South Korea, Lanarkshire New College of the UK, and the Social Sciences Academy in Lodz, Poland. 

Through successful initiatives like the ISEC program in collaboration with the China Scholarship Council, Chifeng University has opened its doors to international students, enriching the educational experience for all.

Why Choose Chifeng University for MBBS:

One of the noteworthy programs at Chifeng University is the MBBS program. It began enrolling international students in 2012 and is known for its affordability, with tuition fees as low as 18,000 RMB per year, making it one of the most budget-friendly options for medical studies in China. 

- Affordable Tuition: 

Chifeng University offers one of the most affordable MBBS programs in China, with a tuition fee of 18,000 RMB per year.

- Recognized by PMDC: 

The university is approved by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), making it a trusted institution for Pakistani students.

- International Graduates: 

Four batches of international students have already graduated from Chifeng University, demonstrating its track record of successfully educating students from diverse backgrounds.

- International Recognition: 

Chifeng University's Medical School is approved by international bodies such as WHO, USMLE (for the United States), PLAB (GMC England), and AMC (Australia), allowing its graduates to pursue medical licensure and practice globally.

- Diverse Student Body:

The university hosts over 200 international students from countries like Pakistan, South Africa, Zambia, Indonesia, and Tanzania, creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

- Halal Food and Quality Accommodation: 

Chifeng University ensures that international students have access to Halal food options and comfortable accommodations.

- Scholarships: 

Chifeng School of Medicine offers performance-based scholarships to excellent students, further supporting their educational journey.

The program has received recognition from the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMC) and other international medical bodies, allowing graduates to pursue medical careers worldwide.

Faculty Excellence:

With over 1,000 full-time teachers, Chifeng University boasts a robust faculty. Among them are 160 professors, 375 assistant professors, and 32 postgraduate supervisors. 

Additionally, 101 faculty members hold doctorate degrees, and 486 have master's degrees. This highly qualified faculty contributes to the university's reputation for academic excellence.

Research Endeavors:

Chifeng University is no stranger to research endeavors, with over 1,100 approved scientific research projects and funding exceeding 75 million yuan. These projects span national, ministerial, and provincial levels.

The university has published 934 national core journal papers and authored 168 monographs, textbooks, and edited works. These research achievements have garnered recognition, with 107 government awards at or above the municipal level.

Modern Campus and Resources:

Chifeng University's commitment to excellence is evident in its state-of-the-art campus. Covering 780 mu of land with a planned expansion to 1,800 mu, the university boasts a vast infrastructure. 

Its facilities include professional laboratories, training rooms, computer centers, a digital campus network, gyms, museums, multifunctional halls, and other modern amenities that enhance the learning experience.

The university's library is a valuable resource, housing 1,062,000 books and e-books, along with access to comprehensive full-text databases. As a member of the China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS) and China Academic Social Science and Humanities Library (CASHL), Chifeng University provides its students with ample academic resources.

Internationalization and Future Goals:

Chifeng University is dedicated to the internationalization of higher education. Through collaborations with institutions in South Korea, the UK, the USA, Sweden, Japan, Germany, and other countries, the university leverages high-quality educational resources from around the world. 

Currently, it welcomes 193 international students from various countries, fostering a truly global academic community.


Chifeng University in China, with its rich history, diverse academic programs, global outlook, and commitment to excellence, stands as a top choice for both domestic and international students. 

It offers affordable education, recognized medical programs, and a welcoming environment for students from around the world. With a strong faculty, impressive research endeavors, and modern campus facilities, Chifeng University is poised for a bright future in higher education.

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